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Singaporean financial compliance officer faces humiliating ruin after hundreds of damning emails sent! Read about it here!

Financial compliance officer Jay Bunani sent hundreds of offensive emails to business associates, colleagues, friends and family. Apparently, no one in his now-shrinking social circle has been spared. According to a source, Bunani’s ‘email blast of mass destruction’ was an accident.

SeNT News received the tip-off from one of the recipients, who is a colleague and prefers not to be named as he is distancing himself from Bunani. This colleague first presumed the email was a prank, as the email was filled with expletives that were never uttered by Bunani in person.

“It did not sound like Jay! He was always courteous around me. He always smiled and said ‘OK’ every time I gave him my work. Can you imagine when I read all those insults? But the email had information only Jay would know, so I knew then that it was from him,” revealed the anonymous source, who uttered a long string of expletives himself during the phone interview with SeNT News.

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