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Episode Highlights

Season 1

Haresh Tilanias Jay Bunani

Jay is a 30 year old beta male who never rocks the boat or speaks up for himself. He is constantly stepped on by his co-­‐ workers, criticised by his fiancée, coddled by his mother and compared to his sister by his father. When his “hot emails” inadvertently get sent out, Jay is left with nothing and must find his way back in the world.

Carla Dunareanuas Zoey Wong

Zoey is Max’s wife who is a freelance interior designer. She loves him to bits and constantly puts up with his daily shenanigans. She married Max at his insistence and begins to question her marriage and Max’s commitment to her when he constantly displays signs of never wanting to grow up.

Alan Wongas Max Wong

A legend in his own mind, Max is the party-guy who came to Singapore from the US after he graduated and just never left. Despite being married to Zoey for a few years, Max just can’t seem to grow up. He takes it upon himself to get Jay back on his feet even though his advice is may not necessarily be the best.

Roz Phoas Charley Siew

Charley is a young journalist who longs to make a dent in the world with her writing. In the meantime she’s paying her dues by working at SKWASH, an online portal specializing in vapid sensationalist articles. When Jay’s story ends up on her desk, she has to decide whether to follow up on it and further ruin his life or to say no and risk not getting ahead.

Adrian Pangas Zacheus Lee

A shady businessman who has his fingers in everything, Zacheus’ main cause for his rise to the financial elite was through his meat business. Imposing, calculative and charismatic; there is nothing that will stop him from getting what he wants.

David Asavanondas Sebastian Cilantro

A legend in his own mind, Sebastian Cilantro is a charismatic self help guru whose teachings Jay lives by.